Stunning Year 12 Results in 2016!

While we celebrate the successes, it is also timely that I remind the students who perhaps didn’t do as well as they would have hoped, that ATARs do not define the person.  An ATAR is simply a number and there are many different pathways and many different ways to achieve your dreams. So if you are feeling disappointed, please remember that we have a whole team of people here at school ready to support you – please just contact Mr Middenway, Ms Schubach, Ms Riding, Ms Ind or any member of the welfare team.
Now to the outstanding results!!  

  • The top ATAR score was 99.8
  • 6 perfect study scores of 50 were achieved in Accounting, Business Management, Geography, Chemistry, Media and Further Maths
  • 10 study scores of 49 in Geography, Further Maths, Maths Methods, PE, Psychology and VCD.
  • 19% of students achieved study score over 40 – state average is usually 6.5%
  • 63 students (37.5%) received ATARs of over 90
  • 39 students (23.2%) achieved ATARS over 95.


I am so proud of my students and our teachers! Congratulations to you all on a brilliant year!!

Kate Mitchell,