Student Voice

At Box Hill High School we value the development of the ‘whole child’ and believe in providing an enriched environment for all. We are particularly proud of the number of exciting and interesting extra curricular activities available to students. Importantly, there are also many opportunities that exist for students to develop leadership skills and have a clear voice in what is happening within the school. These opportunities contribute to a positive school environment where students feel they are an integral part of the school community and can have an impact and a say concerning their own learning, personal well-being and that of others.

During Years 7 – 9, students are introduced to the concept of leadership and voice throughout a number of different forums, across a number of domains. ‘House Captains’ and ‘SRC’ members are voted in during term four, and are given leadership training to equip them with the necessary skills to make the most of their position the following year. During term one ‘Class Captains’ are elected and opportunities are provided to join ‘Tech Crew’ to become ‘Stage’ or ‘Light and Sound’ managers, become a ‘Music Captain’ or lead their peers as the captain of an interschool sports team. During Term 3 some Year 9 students will provide free tutoring for younger students in the school as part of the Year 9 ‘Citizenship’ extended research project. 

During Years 10 – 12, student leadership takes on a different face, as students become whole school leaders, mentors and role models to their younger peers. The leadership experience and opportunities culminate in roles such as Peer Support Leaders,  House Captains, Class Captains and the esteemed roles of School Captain, Vice Captain and Prefects.  These roles as well as opportunities to become senior Music Captains or Tech Crew, SRC Tower Leaders and much more all exist within these years. 

Student Voice is an ever-expanding aspect of life for the Box Hill High School student. As well as the opportunities that exist through leadership roles within the school, there are many more forums by which students can voice their thoughts and opinions and have a say in their own learning experience. Principal Morning Teas, Student Focus Groups, Pastoral Care Student Surveys, SEAL Student Surveys, Elective Reviews, Year 7 Coordinator Luncheons to name but a few. ‘Student voice’ is growing throughout the school and at Box Hill High School we are committed to its ongoing development.  Over the next few years the alignment of "Positive Education" and "Student Leadership and Voice" will have an increasingly positive impact on student achievement and personal wellbeing of both students and staff at BHHS.


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