VCE Subjects

The following subjects are offered at VCE level.

Current parents and students can access further details in Compass/Community/School Documentation/Subject Offerings.


VETis Subjects

  • Laboratory Skills U1-2, U3-4
  • External VETis subjects
  • For detailed information of VET subjects, click on image on the right to download the pdf of the handbook, or click here


VCE Engineering Subjects

  • Systems Engineering U1-2. U3-4


VCE English Subjects

  • English U1-2, U3-4
  • English as an Additional Language (EAL) U1-2, U3-4
  • English Language U1-2, U3-4
  • Literature U1-2, U3-4
  • Bridging English as an Additional Language (EAL) U1-2



  • Chinese First Language U1-2, U3-4
  • Chinese Second Language or Chinese Second Language Advanced U1-2
  • German U1-2, U3-4
  • Chinese Language, Culture and Society U1-2



  • Geography U1-2, U3-4
  • Politics U1-2, U3-4
  • History U1-2, U3-4
  • Accounting U1-2, U3-4
  • Business Management U1-2, U3-4
  • Economics U1-2, U3-4
  • Legal Studies U1-2, U3-4
  • Psychology U1-2, U3-4
  • Extended Investigation U3-4
  • Philosophy U1-2


VCE Physical Education

  • Health and Human Development U1-2, U3-4
  • Physical Education U1-2, U3-4


VCE – The Arts

  • Drama U1-2, U3-4
  • Media Studies U1-2, U3-4
  • Studio Arts - Digital U1-2
  • Studio Arts - Materials U1-2
  • Studio Arts U3-4 
  • Theatre Studies U3-4
  • Visual Communication and Design U1-2, U3-4


VCE Music

  • Music Performance  U1-2
  • Music Solo Performance  U3-4


VCE Maths

  • Algorithmics U3-4
  • General Maths U1-2
  • Further Maths U3-4
  • Maths Methods U1-2, U3-4
  • Specialist Maths U1-2, U3-4


VCE Science

  • Biology U1-2, U3-4
  • Chemistry U1-2, U3-4
  • Physics U1-2, U3-4


VCE IT Subjects

  • Algorithmics U3-4
  • Computing
  • Informatics


VCE Food Technology

  • Food Technology U1-2, U3-4

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