Gifted Academic Potential Program (GAPP)

Box Hill High School is committed to providing appropriate educational opportunities for our academically gifted students through its specifically designed program known as GAPP (Gifted Academic Potential Program).

This program complies with the guidelines that were established for SEAL schools, and BHHS continues to be a member of the TAASS.

All BHHS all teachers receive professional development in the education of gifted and talented students and many of our teachers have masters qualifications in gifted education.



  1. The program is directed to students who are capable of outstanding academic achievement.
  2. Research evidence and experience suggests that it is difficult to provide adequate extension and enrichment in the regular classroom.
  3. The program provides enrichment and extension material involving higher cognitive processes such as generalising, comprehending, dealing with abstractions and recognising relationships.
  4. A greater emphasis is placed on learning methods involving independent learning and wide research is used. Students are encouraged to work more independently.


Structure of the program  

We have specifically designed this program to run for the full six years of secondary schooling for our students. In very rare cases, a student may have the option of completing their six years of schooling in five years.

Note: Continued good academic performance is necessary for students to remain in the program. The school reserves the right to place students in more appropriate settings if academic performance in the program is not satisfactory.



GAPP Parents Support Group

A GAPP Parent Support Group meets two evenings per term to clarify and explore specific needs. Guest speakers are often invited to present at these meetings.  Further information will be posted on Compass and emailed to parents throughout the year as events become available. 


See also GAPP Pathways and Curriculum 


Enrolment Y7 2019-GAPP

Students who are interested in the Gifted Academic Potential Program (GAPP) and are eligible for enrolment at Box Hill High School in 2019 are invited to sit the GAPP test. An application link with the enrolment criteria and test details will be published on the Box Hill High School website on 31 March 2018. We encourage you to attend the Box Hill High School Open Evening at 5.30pm on Thursday 19 April 2018 for a school tour and to hear additional information about enrolment and the GAPP Program.  There will be two presentations and two tour times.  Further details will be available on our website soon.


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