Our Vision

Box Hill High School is an award winning co-educational DET secondary school offering well established Select Entry Accelerated Learning  (SEAL) Program and International Students Program.

We aim to give each student a place in our school community through our extensive enrichment and extra-curricular programs.

Box Hill High School was founded in 1930. Our reputation has been built on a long tradition of academic excellence, on the commitment of our staff and on the quality of care of the individual student.

The school has also become known for the development of innovative programs of high quality, such as our SEAL Program, our award winning science programs, performing arts and music programs and our innovative year 10 course.

Students at Box Hill High School are strongly encouraged to live up to the school's motto 'Ad Altiora Certamus' which means 'we strive for higher things'. Students at Box Hill High School respect academic success and embrace the ideal of achieving their potential.

The needs of the individual students are met through the provision of a wide range of pathways throughout the school's academic program and through a comprehensive system of pastoral care and guidance.

Students are expected to care for the school environment and to treat each other with courtesy and consideration. The excellent working atmosphere of the school is supported by a code of conduct which is enforced strongly but sensitively.

Box Hill High School has a wide range of academic courses supported by a strong extra curricular program in areas such as sport, music, debating, camps and leadership programs.

Kate Mitchell   B.Comm. Dip. Ed. M.Ed. FACEL