School Council


School Council Meeting Dates for 2017


The Meetings are held in the SATERN Conference Room commencing at 5pm.      

Term 1          Wed 22 February                     

                      Wed 15 March
Term 2          Wed 17 May
                      Wed 14 June
Term 3          Wed 16 August
                      Wed 13 September
Term 4          Wed 15 November
                      Wed 13 December


Current School Council Members: 



    Mrs Kate Mitchell - Principal

Parent Members:

    Mr Marcus Balon - President

    Mr Hugh Martin - Vice President

    Mr Brendan Smith - Treasurer

    Mr Colin Lewis
    Mr Steve Sunter

    Mr Daniel Buick

DET Members:

    Mr Neil Davis

    Ms Jess Nicholson

    Ms Kellie Ind

    Mr Toby Wilkins